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Esssential Aspects of Physical Design and Implementation of Relational Databases
by Tatiana Malyuta (Author), Ashwin Satyanarayana  (Author)

The Essential Aspects of Physical Implementation and Design of Relational Databases discusses the physical design and implementation of relational databases — the two phases in building of databases that often do not get enough attention in textbooks on database design and management. The goal of this book is to give students a solid foundation on how to combine data design and the functionality of today’s DBMS to achieve the most effective database and database applications. It provides illustration of essential aspects of physical design and implementation of relational databases with simple examples of real-world business problems. The book includes coverage of Physical Design, Distributed Database Design, Database Security, Database Query Processing and Performance, Transaction Management and Database Recovery. The book is based on the database program taught at the New York City College of Technology.

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