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Upcoming Talks (Science Fiction Symposium and CUNY IT Conference)

I will be giving talks (as part of panel discussions) at the following venues:

  1. Third Annual City Tech Symposium on Science Fiction, Tuesday, Nov 27th, 2018. 4:00pm-4:50pm

    Topic: Frankenstein Panel: Mary Shelley’s Novel’s Influence on Scientists and Technologists

    Location: Academic Complex A105
    Moderator: Justin Vazquez-Poritz
    Heidi Boisvert, Entertainment Technology Department
    Robert MacDougall, Social Sciences Department
    Ashwin Satyanarayana, Computer Systems Technology Department
    Jeremy Seto, Biological Sciences Department

  2. 17th Annual CUNY IT Conference (Nov 29-30th), 2:15pm – 3:15pm

    Topic: Mapping Brooklyn: Digital Tools to Support Place-Based Learning

    Abstract: Participants from a range of disciplines will discuss their experiences using geospatial mapping tools for research on, and instruction in, Brooklyn’s social history and urban development. We will confront a central challenge in using technology in undergraduate education: developing digital tools that are at once approachable and compelling, while providing sophisticated computer-based applications that have the capacity to yield new insights into topics from the humanities.

    Christopher Swift (Presider), Associate Professor of Theatre

    Ting Chin, Assistant Professor of Architectural Technology

    Anne Leonard, Associate Professor of Information Science

    Anne Leonhardt, Associate Professor of Architectural Technology / Director of Digital Technology

    Sean MacDonald, Professor of Economics

    Ashwin Satyanarayana, Associate Professor of Computer Systems Technology

    Satyanand Singh, Associate Professor of Mathematics

    Peter Spellane, Professor of Chemistry

    Venue:John Jay College of Criminal Justice (524 West 59th Street, New York, NY 10019)