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  • A. Satyanarayana, Janusz Kusyk and Hong Li, “Common Assessment of Two Related Courses to Reduce Grading Bias and Improve Readiness of the Students for Corporate Environments”, ASEE Mid-Atlantic Section Fall 2017 Conference, Penn State University (Berks), Reading, PA, Oct 6-7th, 2017.
  • Satyanand Singh, Nadia Benakli, Boyan Kostadinov, A. Satyanarayana, “Learning By Visualization and Simulation”, 2015 NYSMATYC Annual Conference, April 17-19, Rochester, NY.
  • N. Benakli, A. Satyanarayana, S. Singh, and A. Taraporevala “Learning while VisualizingASEE-2013 Mid-Atlantic Spring Conference, New York City College of Technology, Brooklyn, NY, April 26-27th 2013.
  • P. Bailey, N. Craswell, R. White, L. Chen, A. Satyanarayana, and S .M . Tahaghoghi, “Evaluating whole-page relevance”, 33rd international ACM SIGIR conference on Research and development in information retrieval (SIGIR 2010), pp. 767-768.
  • A. Satyanarayana “Data Mining For Large Datasets: Intelligent Sampling and Filtering”,
    PhD Thesis, State University of New York, Albany, 2006 (Distinguished Dissertation Award).
  • A. Satyanarayana, “Intelligent Data Selection Using Sampling and Filtering”, Twenty-First National Conference on Artificial Intelligence Doctoral Consortium (AAAI 2006)
  • A. Satyanarayana and I. Davidson, “A Dynamic Adaptive Sampling Algorithm (DASA) for Real World Applications: Finger Print Recognition and Face Recognition,” 15th International Symposium on Methodologies for Intelligent Systems (ISMIS’05), Saratoga Springs, NY.
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